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Our peanut butter/pumpking and bacon/liver CBD biscuits are made with premium grade CBD grown on a vertically integrated family owned farm in hills of West Virginia that allows for personal care throughout the entire manufacturing process. CBD comes from the cannabis plant known as hemp. The CBD is produced in a state of the art laboratory in small batches and third party tested for purity and potency. 10mg full spectrum CBD per treat, 30 treats per bag, total of 300mg CBD.


CBD dog treats contain many benefits and can ease several conditions that your pup may suffer from either occasionally or chronically, including:

Anxiety and stress

Moderate to severe pain

Chronic inflammation

Arthritis and joint pain

Epileptic seizures

Digestion problems


Symptoms from cancer

Skin conditions


                                        10mg. CBD Usage Guideline

                            Low Dose     Average Dose    Strong Dose


3.3mg (1/3 biscuit)

5mg (1/2 biscuit)

10mg (1 biscuit)


5mg (1/2 biscuit)

10mg (1 biscuit)

15mg (1-1/2 biscuits)


10mg (1 biscuit)

15mg (1-1/2 biscuits)

20mg (2 biscuits)

CBD Biscuits, PB/Pumpkin or Bacon/Liver, 30/Bag, 10mg/biscuit

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